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Goddess Poison - Release Poison - Hypno

Goddess Poison - Release Poison

Goddess Poison - Release Poison - Hypno

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Poison? In Jail?! Too Powerful for the world? Well I can't deny that BUT Those keys are weighing you down Mr guard. You should release Me. No? Well, I guess that shows how much of a mindless drone you are, following orders. Just standing there making sure I can't leave. Well, I can't do much from in here can I, so let's have a chat.... watch as I manipulate you into obedience.

A long induction to a trance of obedience. But do you know what will happen when you finally give up all control and RELEASE POISON?! Well this clip has a very clever twist which will leave your mind blown and leave you unprotected from My Power. It's your choice to free Me or not..... but if you do, then it's Just you and I going deeper into Poisoned BLISS!

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Goddess Poison - Release Poison
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