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Goddess Poison - Guided To CEI [FHD, 1080p]

Goddess Poison - Guided To CEI

Goddess Poison - Guided To CEI [FHD, 1080p]

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An intimate experience with Me. I actually think it's great that you love cum! But you need guidance! I want to teach you to become the very best at it too. I want you to be filled to the brim with guzzled-up hot salty loads! Firstly, I'll get you practicing on your own, whilst chewing and licking My cum from My Cummy panties, then, I'll take you on a night out with Me, so that I can force-feed you the cum of other men! If you're really lucky, then I'll even let you suck a cock with Me! Forcing your head deep into their cock and watch as you make Me so proud with your cum Slut skills. You'll be a milking machine. Tonight I'll guide you to cum within your hand and encourage you to give in and slurp it all up for Me, teaching you how to do it, how to make the most of it, and how to desperately crave more of it, again and again. I'm so proud of you I didn't use music in this clip as I wanted to be more personal with you. So get close and get ready to obey.

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Goddess Poison - Guided To CEI
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