Best Female Domination Porn Videos » POV FemDom » [HumiliationPOV] Princess Miki - Princess Miki's Dopamine Drone [FHD, 1080p]

[HumiliationPOV] Princess Miki - Princess Miki's Dopamine Drone [FHD, 1080p]

[HumiliationPOV] Princess Miki - Princess Miki's Dopamine Drone

[HumiliationPOV] Princess Miki - Princess Miki's Dopamine Drone [FHD, 1080p]

File: mp4 l (1.12 GB)
Video: avc1 l 00:15:39 l 9900 Kbps l 1920x1080 l 24.000 fps
Audio: mp4a-40-2 l 317 Kbps l 48 Khz

Princess Miki has created a brand new intense mindwashing audio exclusively for this clip! It is insane! The video is set to a dark, mesmerizing beat that goes perfectly to her words and movements. This is a powerful addiction clip. Make sure you wear headphones to experience all of the audio mindfuckery that way it was meant to be experienced. The preview barely does justice to all the visual effects you will experience.

Enter a deep goon comå through Princess Miki's digital manipulation and chronic mindfuckery. You are Princess Miki's dopamine drone. Your hand is controlled by your mind which is controlled by Princess Miki. Prepare to have your mind hacked as you go deeper down the rabbit hole into your Princess Miki addiction. Princess Miki is a digital succubus, a brainsucker, draining you of all thought and logical reasoning, turning you into a mindless pumping drone.

This is total digital slavery. There is no escape. Her programming is too deep in your mind for you to ever be able to get away. You will enter a deep comå and experience mindless delirium as you goon what's left of your brains out. You are a mindless pump machine, a mindhacked digital jerk drone. You will experience Princess Miki's expertly constructed deep mind conditioning machine, leaving you without a thought in that empty head of yours.

Princess Miki is a mind wrecker, a cyberbot, she will fuck your brain and turn you into a drooling pump slave. Your digital addiction will grow as you become mesmerized into mindless gooning obedience. Your mind is nothing but a toy for her to play with. Princess Miki is your dopamine dealer and you are her helpless junkie. Enter the endless mind loop and become Princess Miki's drooling, dopamine drone. There is no escape.

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