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Goddess Natalie - Your first ballbusting training [HD, 1080p]

Goddess Natalie - Your first ballbusting training

Goddess Natalie - Your first ballbusting training [HD, 1080p]

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So, I noticed that you've been watching lots of ballbusting clips from me and from other dommes as well. But that little spycam I installed in your bedroom tells me you're not exactly following the instructions in those videos.

You just like to watch them, jerk off to the idea of you getting hit in the balls..sometimes watching another guy getting kicked in the balls...sometimes just watching a single domme video and imagining it all...but never more. You're kinda scared of trying it, and I can understand that first times are frightening, so I decided to guide your steps into this journey and help you try it out.

I don't want you to bring any tools for this other then yourself and that cock of yours. I want you to be alone in the house and mentally prepared to give it a try when you hit play, relax your body and mind with one of my h.y.p.n.o.s before if you need to and then simply go along with it. Trust me, I will be taking good care of you!

Bear in mind that I will not just show you how to self ballbust and torment yourself for my pleasure, though! This will be a training to prepare you - both mentally and physically - for trying ballbusting for real - with a domme, irl! And I will want proof of you doing it next week!

Until then, though, let's focus on today's session! We're gonna start slow, taking b.a.b.y steps, but we will move quickly towards more hardcore stuff and I will let you touch yourself too. Will I let you cum, though? Dunno, that's something you're gonna have to find out all by yourself! :)

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